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Inky & Brain

Purple Indie Tapestry

Purple Indie Tapestry

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There are unlimited ways in which you can use this piece, like:

  • Couch sheet ,Wall hang for decoration, Table skirt, Backdrop, Picnic or garden mat to sit/relax on, Curtains or Window Shade, Bed Throw or Bed Sheet for Double Bed (See my other Listings for an example).
  • This gorgeous piece of art can be used as Bedspread, Bed Cover, Table Cloth, Curtain and of course as a Tapestry or a Wall Hanging.

Indulge in the Best with Raajsee 100% Organic Cotton Tapestries

These bohemian tapestry are printed in traditional Indian methods with abundance of love and care by our artisans. The fabric is not woven or quilted. It is made up of 100% pure cotton.

These Tapestries are made of lightweight Cotton with hand-sewn finished edges Featuring vivid colors and crisp lines.



There may also be a lingering smell from the ink/dyes used in creation. We suggest Febreze or a similar fabric refreshing spray upon receipt. Or, hang the tapestry outside for an hour or two and any remaining ink/dye smell will dissipate.



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